Saturday, 14 February 2009

Angry Valentine's Day wishes

'Happy Valentine's Day' - well, only if you're in a couple. Honestly, I'm not bitter. I'm just angry. I mean, look how hot I am

I have been struggling with a few unrequited love situations over the past year and decided today that enough's enough. I didn't make any proper new year resolutions this year, and am starting one of the love variety today, and that is:

I will not waste my time thinking about boys who aren't prepared to jump through a hoop for me

Further to this:

I will not make excuses in my head for boys who aren't jumping through the hoop. There are no excuses. The hoop is fairly big and not that high.

It should save me time and heartache.

On a lighter note, today I went to the Interlude Tea Room in Shipley. It's bleedin random in there. The waitresses all wear Charlie Chaplin type outfits. Fun times though!

Did you get anything for Valentines Day? Go on, make me jealous!

I did get a rather filthy IM but nothing I can repeat here :o)


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Pippa said...

The only thing I like about Valentine's Day is that there are lots of heart-shaped things around. Other than that, I don't like the idea of forcing someone to buy something on a particular day. Get flowers another time when they're cheaper! Also, where's the spontaneity in getting something on Valentine's Day? Imagination: where are yoooou?

Ooo look at me! I went off on a bit of a rant there.

I love your resolutions - the second part made me chuckle - "The hoop is fairly big and not that high". Don't waste your time on those silly boys!