Wednesday, 10 December 2008

I heart - Amigurumi

When I was young, my Mum's friends used to knit me those old-school, Rosie and Jim style dolls.

They were 'just for show', not really for playing with, since so much effort had gone into making them. By the time I was too old to play with them, I resented them for not letting me play. So, unfortunately, it was a no-win situation for that farmer and his wife with apathy in her eyes.

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting toys. They are typically adorable! I want to get one for Little G, but she isn't big enough yet, because the eyes are a choking hazard. I'd get her something like Tom the Bear by Hannah-Chan. And I'd let her play with it.

And how COOL are these. Now, if I could afford these, they might be for playing with away from any liquids or naked flames or chocolate or Stella and Bruno (crazy Boxer dogs that eat anything). It's the totally awesome work of Gourmet Amigurumi. Check her Flickr photo stream here.

I like how they are typically cute but also eerie. The blue Koala looks like he's on a crack comedown and I love how they are dressed in hoodies and other trendy wares!

Awesome. Inspired.



Littleclouds said...

wow those are soo amazing!

I wonder how long they take, must be hours upon hours!

Unknown said...

I want one!