Friday, 19 December 2008

Folksy Finds Friday - Cherry Pie Punk

Cor blimey, it was difficult to choose just three of Cherry Pie Punk's offerings... colourful, punky and sexy....

"Quirky clothes and accessories inspired by punk, rockabilly, urban and japanese fashion"

Rainbow Brite Painties - these are cute! My friend always says Rainbow Brite reminds her of me. I wanted to BE her when I was little. I had a hair elastic with a Rainbow Brite on it with long multicoloured hair, and my mum would plait it into mine.

Frankenstein Corset - Love corsets. I have the curves for them too. I think I do anyway!

Barbie Earrings - you get a lot of Barbie themed goods but these are so cute!


1 comment:

Jessica Rodarte said...

I love your style. I love Rainbow Brite. How stinking cute is she?? :) You may be wondering who I am. *giggle* You left a comment for my on Button Floozies a little while ago; and I barely saw it! Thank you for leaving a nice comment for me. Hugs!