Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Movin' on...

I've got this thing about women (possibly men?) who wear pigtails. There's a certian cut off age, after which, if you wear pigtails you look like a tit. I don't know what the age is, but I know I am past it. And I also have a thing about older women with long hair. Again, I don't know what age it is, I think it may be variable according to the thickness and colour (overall=healthiness) but there does come a point when it's time to bite the bullet and get the chop. A bob might be OK.

I also have a thing about grown-ups (let's say post-school age, for argument's sake) who use Zippy/Elmo/Sean the Sheep bags... you're not cutting edge, you're not totally crazy cos you use a kids bag... you look like a tit.

So it brings me to this place I enjoy, Fred Flare. They're quite a good outlet for cutesy, kitschy items, some by independant designers/makers. I need a new handbag and just had a look. It's not happening for me... but I do enjoy sickly kitschy jewellery and housewares... am I a tit?? I'm particularly enjoying...

Also check out their blog. Every year they host their 'Next Big Thing', independant designers competing for the title.

And I have started listing in my Etsy!! Only two products, I'll list another two today... I don't expect a vast amount of sales now, if any, I just want to build it up in time for the big craft fairs at Christmas, as I often get asked if I sell online... now I can say I do!

Over and out... x

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