Thursday, 17 July 2008

Luddite by default...

Why can’t stuff just work? I got home from work yesterday harbouring mixed feelings about my new internet connection. I had to not only set up the broadband router and that, but I had to install a network adapter thing too, because my computer is so old it doesn’t have one built in. It took a couple of attempts to get the adapter going on. Then I tried to install the broadband software and it said I didn’t have one. Well, it was flashing and everything. So I spent over half an hour on the phone to a delightful boy with a speech impediment who ultimately told me I had a shit old computer, but couldn’t advise me to buy a new one in case I sued o2 further down the line. Anyway my pal’s boyfriend is coming on Friday to sort it for the fee of 3 bottles of cider. Wiggity wack.

Here's a new creation... well I say new, it''s been in the pipeline for some time, I made about 6 using manga-style images but didn't think they were really me... anyway it gave me some practice to get the techniques right. It's made from wood, paint, vintage comic image, varnish... I can't decide if I'll sell it or keep it - it looks really nice on if I do say so myself :D Sorry the photo isn't right cracking.

Something I love… N.E.E.T Magazine. It’s basically just a magazine full of advertising for Indie designers, but it’s a treat on the eye, a delicious source of inspiration, and a first port of call if you have any ££ left at the end of the month! Click on the page to turn it, if you want to visit a designer’s shop, click on the web address.



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