Thursday, 26 January 2012

Workshop FUN! Bradford College Re-Fresher Fair

I've just got home from leading a drop in workshop day at Bradford College Re-Fresher Fair. We made A LOT of adjustable bracelets from laser cut shapes and beads and some origami boxes to put them in!

There was a real mix of students: girls, boys, deaf, visually impaired, special needs, and those who speak English as a second or other language.

It was super lovely - some of the students even remember me from when I worked there five years ago and said they miss me ♥  Really looking forward to the next one!

If you could sit down and learn anything creative, what would it be?


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trickywoo said...

I would love to do screen printing I love what you can come up with and make something really unique.

Am actually going on a day course next weekend am going to have a go at a stained glass workshop which will be a creative day doing something I have never done before. Ooooo I'd love to learn so many things!!

Melanie K said...

Oh wow, this is such a great idea for a workshop! The finished pieces look great.