Sunday, 8 January 2012

Trendspotting? Hot or not?

Just less than a year ago, my friend Samantha sent me this video:

Even a year later I still watch it and laugh and show craft friends.  If you're not a crafter or you don't have an keen interest in the handmade world you probably won't get it (It's and Etsy thing).

And it just got me thinking about trends... do we like trends?  As a friend Rachel pointed out, we've endured a lengthy time of moustaches already - they've been on the Etsy circuit forever and recently went more crazy mainstream (get your own ideas, High Street!).  Same for owls and definitely pugs. Yawn.

I've always been inspired more by things from the past, rather than what's hot now.  I guess that's why people always use the term 'retro' for my work (which surprises me, because it's never been my intention!).  I know my style - in design and the everyday - block colours, no texture, no fuss. Colourful, kitschy, funky and fun! That's how I roll.  If it's got a little 50s or 60s influence, all the better.

What's been your favourite trend - ever?
Do you follow trends?
What do you see being hot for 2012?


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Dolly Cool Clare said...

Never seen that before - hilarious! The same could be done with our friend the metal octopus necklace too! OOAK! STEAMPUNK! etc. ha ha! I don't follow mainstream trends....I just go with what I know people like who are into Rockabilly, Punk and Kawaii! If something comes 'into fashion' that compliments what I do (See Pradas SS12 Hot Rod collection) then its not a bad thing for trade either!

Marthaamay O_o said...

Love this video!
Hate the tasche trend though, I feel like I'm the only one.

Unknown said...

I think the thing with 'trends' is that they're only good when you're trying to make 'bread and butter' with your craft - I make what I want to make and sometimes it happens that the character has a motif which happens to be a 'trend' - I didn't realise quite how ubiquitous scrabble was until I did the Cu stuff, and now it's my nemesis.

I'll always love Gemma Correll though x