Tuesday, 13 November 2012

FAQs: 7 Tips for Outdoor Craft Fair Survival (Winter edition)

Craft fairs, markets and shopping events are a great way of promoting your brand on a budget, getting feedback from your customers and, of course, selling your product face to face.  But outdoor markets and fairs bring their own challenges - some you might not even think of before the event.  Here's my seven top tips for getting to the end of the day without a drama or frost bite:

Acrylic cardigan, pegged down products and cling-filmed pitch sides are just a few of my Winter market survival tips

♥ Wear wool not cotton, and layer up
This goes for socks, hats, scarves and your cardigan. It's going to be cold, and cotton keeps you cool, so make sure your knitwear is either wool or acrylic. Even if it looks thickly knit, cotton won't keep you warm when the temperatures plummet!

♥ Take your door mat
Yeah, you heard right. A scrap of carpet to stand on will help to keep your feet warmer behind your pitch!

♥ Get a money belt
The outdoor market I sell at is in Leeds City Centre on a busy shopping street where shoppers have access behind the pitches.  Don't leave a cash tin unattended, get yourself a money belt that constantly strapped to you.

♥ Bring a big Thermos flask
I just upgraded from 0.5l to a full litre. I'm a tea fiend anyway but hot drinks will help keep you warm and satisfied.  Buying lots of coffee from the shops adds up.

♥ Get some battery operated lights
It's starts falling dark shortly after 3pm now.  I am the envy of the market traders with my rechargable LED bar lights from Clas Olsen.  You saw them here first...

♥ Build a den with cling film
Don't forget if you have a metal frame pitch to take some cling film to wrap around the sides to create a wind and rain break.

♥ ...then pin or peg stuff down
Even when the wides of your pitch has been wrapped up wind might still take off your lighter things! I use pins to hold things down, and something tie elastic to my table then use clothes pegs to hold them.  To stop your table cloth taking off, get some of these super strong spring clamps.

♥ Bring as much stock as you can manage
Keep surplus stock under your table.  Certainly at the city centre you go through lots, so keep topping up your display as you sell.

So there's 7 tips for winter fair survival - let me know how it goes!


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Swirlyarts said...

I love the cling film idea :) I've not done an outdoor market yet so these tips are very useful. Cardboard also works well to stand on too.

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Love the cling film and the carpet tip! I'm a wuss though and wont do outdoor events after 'summer' ;)

Tizzalicious said...

These are so useful! Thanks!