Friday, 30 December 2011

Six 2011 ideals - did I achieve them?

Last year I set myself six guidelines or goals (here) - not really resolutions, I don't go in for that. I think if you want to make a positive change you can do it at any time of year.

So did I meet them?

♥ I want to save my money
I need to stop myself from ordering a take-away or buying a dress when that money could go towards a trip!
I didn't do too badly! I still got take aways, but I did watch the pennies!

♥ I want to see more of the world
I'm tempted to see if anyone in NYC wants to do an apartment swap... probably not but worth a try...?

Well, I got to Barcelona and Austin, Texas! That'll ding dang do!

♥ I want to develop my creativity
I've enquired about an Adobe Illustrator course, let's hope there's spaces left! I've also ordered an 'Illustrator for Dummies book'.  I also want to develop my own drawing and illustration skills and journal more.

I enrolled on the illustrator course, I can't believe it was this year?! I know pretty much as much as I need to know now.  I'd still like to develop my own illustration style.  I think this is going to roll over to 2012!

♥ I hope to continue to think positively
It's not always easy, but I've dumped a lot of negative influences and wear blinkers when I'm with those that I have no choice about being around.  If I'm unhappy about something, I make a change. Sometimes it can't happen over night, but if you don't make an attempt, you have no right to moan!

Smashed this! It was difficult in the early part of the year but sometimes now I feel like a star that's burning so bright with energy I might combust (hope I don't burnt out though?!)

♥ I'd like to lose a few pounds
Yawnz. The problem is, there's nothing wrong with my self esteem. I'm happy with the way I look. But carrying around extra flabber isn't just about looks, it's about health too. I'm an 'average' dress size - 'average' in an ever expanding obese population, so 'average' isn't really OK. I'm going to do some fun exercise classes wearing harem trousers. Yeah, baby!

It's the same every January, because I gain a good few pounds over winter!

♥ I want KitschenSink to be my bigger picture
I'm going to work hard on my business this year. Maximum exposure, big sales, fun times.
I took my eye off the ball a bit when I opened the shop in March.  But I have had chance to re-focus and think I got my buzz back (finally!). 2012 is going to blow up!


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Anonymous said...

Learning Illustrator is on my 2012 list! I am pretty hot on Photoshop and InDesign but for some reason Illustrator eludes me... I want to design my own fabric next year :)