Saturday, 24 December 2011

Our TV Debut courtesy of Russell Kane and the Graham Norton Christmas Special

The POW mini-pin gave Kitschen Sink its TV debut last night courtesy of Russell Kane on the Graham Norton Christmas Special.  The show was aired at 10.35pm last night on BBC1.

I had been led to understand that Russell would be wearing it after seeing his tweet last week... but after reading through his Twitter updates yesterday morning and seeing some photos he shot during filming (stalker alert!) I noticed he was wearing a Christmas jumper and I couldn't see the pin.  I was a bit gutted... Off I went to do the last minute bits of Christmas shopping...

In the evening:

Julia had spotted Russell wearing the pin on the ad before the news.  I was completely frozen to the seat! I had to ring her to make sure and she rewound it twice.  Fo' shiz, it was the POW pin!

He was joined on the couch by the guy who plays Doctor Who and Gillian Anderson (fellow hot ginge of X Files fame).

Check out Gillian eyeballing the pin badge!!  I wonder if she wants one too (call me if you do, Scully),

What a marvelous early Christmas gift for me!

The show is available to watch for the next seven days on BBC iPlayer here.

Sigh No, I won't be watching over and over again and drooling. I won't. Yeah, I will.

Find the POW mini-pin here, and the POW necklace here.


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Stitches said...

Awww, that's excellent! Yey for you!