Monday, 17 October 2011

Skull and Cross Buns: Custom Made Supplies #1

Aaahh I proper love stationery! Just something sexy about paper and pens isn't there?

So I am super lucky to be friends with Paul Jamie Kidd of Kidd81 - a creative designer who created some awesome branding for Kitschen Sink.  He's given me all the graphics I need to look super swanky - but I like to keep it a bit DIY and the handmade feel of everything I do alive using the graphix he's given me....

So when it came to thinking about paper bags and envelopes I decided to get a custom stamp made - hand made!! I have bought a couple of Skull and Cross Buns rubber stamps before and decided to take the plunge and get a custom stamp of my logo made.  What do you think?

I am very happy indeed.  I might make the envelopes a little more festive with the other stamps when the time is right!

I have another custom made supply (sort of) coming soon - I can't wait to get it, and to show you!


Colourful Kitschy Funky Fun...

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Marthaamay O_o said...

LOVE it. You can stamp anything now. ANYTHING, be careful when you sleep, you might stamp yourself! x said...

Looks great. I would love to make a stamp, I have no idea what I would make.