Sunday, 16 October 2011

Mini KAPOW Collection Pins Debut

I've been locked away cooking up some stuff for all the markets I have planned on the lead up to Christmas... here's a peek at one...

Mini KAPOW Collection Pins - perfect for fellas!

The idea came from a male friend of mine (photos may follow) who asked for one.  Quite a few blokes said they liked the Kapow Collection and asked for something more laddish! So - here's what we came up with.  The colours were chosen by him too - and I double checked on Twitter and tweets confirmed these were good 'lad' colour (sorry to stereotype!).

The Mini Kapow Collection Pins are currently exclusive to my real-life stall only - online availability coming soon!  Do you like my new paper bags in the background?

These will debut at my shared stall with Carla from Maus Haus this Saturday 22nd October at Albion Place in Leeds City Centre.  Come say hi and p-p-p-pick-up a Kapow Pin!


Colourful Kitschy Funky Fun...

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