Monday, 11 July 2011

More Austin inspiration

I just wanted to show you a neat little idea I brought back from Austin.

Whilst I was there, I was really bowled over by, not only the people's general warmth, openess, genuiness and honesty, but their commitment to supporting local, independent businesses.

On almost my last day, Kate and I went to South 1st to do a little vintage shopping. The shops were super sweet, actual houses that'd be renovated into stores.  That wouldn't happen in a residential area in the UK. A) there wouldn't be the footfall. B) locals would contest planning permission!

Amelia's, South First, Austin

Anyway. I picked up this cool 'vintage around town guide'. It's really nice to see all the shops who could be seen as competitors get together to create something that supports one another. A simple idea, two sides of A4, a map of the city, numbered, and a blurb for each shop. Simples.  I expect all the shops that are involved just chipped in a few pounds for the printing and someone nice did the designing. I want to bring this back to the UK.

In the cupcake shop, Sugar Mama's, they have a shoe hanger that you can put your business cards in and peg one on the front. See one you recognise? (Bottom right!)

And then how could I forget 'Lovely' who gave us a Margarita as we walked in the door?!

I wonder if they'd all read 'The Power of Nice'? Or maybe it's just all built in their bones?

Austin is definitely where I should be at... or is the grass just greener on the other side of the fence? There's only one way to find out, go for another visit!

Keep it crafty n kitsch and feel the LOVE!!  What do you do to support your fellow independent designers? Share the LOVE!!


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Ellie Ellie said...

Brilliant,I love this idea it so cute.
You're right this would never work in England, such a shame.
Also love the business card holder!