Monday, 28 March 2011

Shop Inspiration

So, whilst I have been absent from blogging I have been making various shop preparations.

Something that's really exciting me is making the place look ace! On recent shopping trips in the cool shops, I snapped away at the things I liked! Check em:

Shop name in old photo frame at the till point (Blue Rinse, Leeds)

A chair with the seat replaced with a basket. For God's sake don't sit on that thing! (Blue Rinse, Leeds)

A blanket box filled with treasure.Not digging the loose bits of cardboard inside (Kitsch, Nottingham)

A retro coffee tabled stuffed with treats, with drawers pulled at jaunty lengths (Kitsch, Nottingham)

Vintage suitacases overflowing with handbags, making best use of under-shelf floor space (Kitsch, Nottingham)

Wowow an old school desk with the top part lifted! (Kitsch, Nottingham)

Some sort of basket with cards inside (Kitsch, Nottingham)

I like both the hanging and the one letter per sheet aspect of this sign (TopShop, Nottingham)

What an excellent reason to window shop! Have you seen any quirky shop displays? I'd love to hear :)


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Marthaamay O_o said...

I will have a peek in Anthropologie- ALWAYS a display inspiration treat!