Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Fringe or no fringe?

On my recent trip to Lincoln to visit a friend, she greeted me at the door looking all 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'.

I was like 'wooooweeee, I love it!!' so she showed me how to do it.  A few days before I had bought some new make-up from Eyeko (a liquid eyeliner and lip crayon), it's amazing. So in just a few days I'd had a dramatic* make-over without even realising.  But it's lead me to wonder... fringe or no fringe?

Audrey Hepburn meets Amy Winehouse meets [insert comical ginger celebrity here]

Hilda Ogden meets 'Memoirs of a Geisha'

With fringe:

... what do you think? Fringe or no fringe? Tell me, because I just can't decide...


*perhaps an over-exaggeration, but it added some meat to the bones of the story


Pixie said...

Well I have to say - I love both looks! As I'm a 'fringe all the way' kinda gal I'd plump for the fringe but maybe a longer one so you can do the up do when you like? x

Marthaamay O_o said...

You suit the fringe and I love the fringe, but I also love your look without. Great solution is to keep a eye skimming fringe and pin back with grips and headscarves when you want an up-do such as the one you rock so well here.

No fringes tend to sweep the hair away to reveal a giant bald patch looking space on one side of the head.. Not always something you can avoid..

I just love the fringe on you, and everyone. You can have best of both worlds..

Anonymous said...

I agree, I like both looks! It's really remarkable actually how each look makes you look really different (in a good way, obviously) you're very lucky to suit both! I don't think my hair is thick enough to have a proper nice fringe. Good on you for experimenting! From the girl who is permanently stuck in a rut...haha X