Friday, 17 April 2009

Feelin' IRATE

I went on my business link course and have come back FUMING.

Flashback: in Maths class in middle school, my teacher had this rule. 'If someone answers/asks a question in my class, no one else will ever laugh' (or basically they would be sent out).  This cultivated a really good environment for learning and discussion.  Shame these lessons don't count in grown up life.

There came a point in the session when the presenter asked if anyone had a trading name they were using.  Some guy said '???? Swimming Academy', the presenter liked this.
I reluctantly put up my had. 'KitschenSink'.
'Kitch... what?'
'It's spelt like K-I-T-S-C-H...en Sink?'
'You make jewellery for God's sake' (Looks around the room, laughing)
Some guy (I'm thinking a creative type, he was a graphic designer) says 'Oh yeah, kitsch, I get it. It's quirky'.
'Yeah but jewellery...' still laughing and looking in flabbergastment to all around.
Then this woman goes 'Yeah I like the kitsch-en. But I think the Sink spoils it'. Yeah? I liked you face until I saw your teeth.

I was MORTIFIED. It doesn't end there.

At break time I sat with some other women who were pleasant, but like 'Oh are you the one who makes jewellery'.  Which, obviously followed with 'yeah the one with the really shit name'.  Me? An attitude problem?  They were nice, but then like 'so why do you call it that', because it's KITSCH, and I used all different found objects. One girl says 'Why don't you just call it Kitsch then?'. Yeah? Why don;t you just call you cafe 'Cafe'?


So I put in my personal facebook status "what do you reckon to my business name KitschenSink Jewellery and Accessories? Only answer of you know what Kitsch means... Does it work?"
Here goes:
"I hope your not thinking of changing it!! I think its perfect!"
"It lets people know you do sentimental work of your child hood! I like it!"
"KitschenSink is a good name - it fits, and the name itself is a little kitsch. I vote stick with it !"
"works like a dream"
"Its a good name - stick with it"
"I never noticed the kitsch i thought it was kitchen sink im dyslexic I must be so I am. Its a good name, I so it is."
"its good man"

So then, on Twitter:
"I like!!! "
"Cool as fuck."
"I've always liked your name and I think it suits your stuff"

Now let me say:
River Island - not seen any Rivers and/or Islands any time I ever went in there.
Sainsburys, Morrisons, Halfords, Woolworths, Marks & Spencer. You sell whaaaaaat?
A friend was like 'Topshop?', to which I responded 'I know they have always been half way down Darley St'
Egg? Oh, you do loans not breakfasts?

And like my clever cousin responded :

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, 'business expert'.

Comment away... my lovelies!



Erin said...

When I first came across your blog I though KitschenSink was so delightfully clever. I LOVE kitsch. So keep it. ke.eeeep. it.

Most of the craft shit out there is totally lame, and is likely deserving of lame people and lame names. whatever.

Littleclouds said...

Wow that is so unprofessional of the 'expert' you should make an official complaint especially if you have paid for your course.

Don't let them get you down, its a good memorable name and convert the energy to proving them wrong. The slags

Anonymous said...

Seriously, the person running that thing is an idiot. That's no way to treat someone! It's bad enough when teachers treat children like that. I love your name, it's really clever, makes me think of charm bracelets stuffed full of quirky bits and pieces.

Kitschy Coo said...

From one 'kitsch' named business to another, I understand your frustration! If I had a pound for every time I've had to explain 'No, it's kitsch-y coo... yeah, because it's kitsch... you're right, coochy coo makes sense too, yes, it is more literal to have coochy coo...'

Don't listen to anyone, your name rocks and if people don't understand it they're clearly just losers :)

bex said...

situations like yours are the reason i dont like to tell buisnessy people (i mean like suits and tie guys...who are obsessed with commision and then playing squash after) what i do. i think the name is ace and i also think that you shouln't give a rats arse about what people like that think! (sorry about the language...!)

Fibrespace said...

I've always loved your name, it's clever and quirky and really fits your style of work. Those people on the course obviously didn't get it and are not and never will be your target market. Don't let their ignorance and rudeness get to you.

Stripy Socks said...

It's always the way people always have 'something' to say about other peoples business names / websites etc etc etc. I think your name is quirky... ignore them hunny.

I let some people on a forum tell me what they thought of my new website and they pulled it to bits... I was fuming AND devastated! Then I looked at their websites... well... let's put it this way, they had no right to judge so f*ck them!

Keep your chin up hun... sod them all :o)

MarthaaMay said...

I agree with you.
Some people just have no creativity in their heads at all.
I thought it was a great name when I first saw it, still do! :)

haa, the captcha thing at the bottom here says for me to put in the word 'stessend' haha! x

Rebecca said...

Lol! Your business name is fantastic, it's quirky just like your work and it just fits. I thought that the first time I saw it! Silly people. I remember when I went to open my business account and the business manager laughed and said, 'Purple Sparkle, yes I can just see that up in lights ha ha'. That said, your business name fits your work far better than mine fits mine!! x

Pippa said...

Up to the eyeballs in flu (and tonsillitis, of course - it seems I can't get anything without tonsillitis coming along for the ride) but I HAD to comment.


This post really made me chuckle - I felt like I was in the room with them. I cannot BELIEEEEVE they laughed! What kind of a teacher is that?! I'll tell you: A RUBBISH ONE.

Took me about 5 minutes to write that. I'm going for a lie down!

mamutopia said...

People are so stupid sometimes! Try to ignore them, they don't know what they're talking about.

And keep your name, I love it!

Esme Dodsworth said...

aww don't let it make you feel low, you have a great name, if thats supposed to be business link advisor I would seriously complain, as they 'should' understand business. We are in the same market and in the jewellery industry you need to really stand out and our products need to scream quirky for our chosen market!

Would have loved to have seen their faces if it had been my name said HaHa.

Your name is perfect :-)

Julia said...

The guy is clearly a moron and probaby getting paid far too much money for doing a crap job!Kitschen Sink is perfect!!

Bigbluebed said...

I don't make beds so I expect the stupid person would point and laugh at me too!
Obviously they are rubbish because your name is great!
So stick with it.

Anonymous said...

I get this all the time, I have to explain, its kitsch because the jewellery I make is kitsch ('What does that mean?!') and then tique which comes from boutique......which is usually followed by a blank look! How actually dare they laugh at your name..... These people are just jealous that they couldn't think up an original name, god help the person who gets something designed by that graphic designer! Your jewellery rocks and so does your name!

Tizzalicious said...

Hahaha, I really enjoyed this post. Virgin, indeed.

I LOVE your name. Anyone who loves Kitsch will love it too, so no worries about stupid people not getting it, your customers will!

Unknown said...

Thank you all very much for you comments and positive feedback. I love the name and wouldn;t change it for the world never mind some fat, toupe wearing, sexist pig!