Monday, 30 March 2009

A nice surprise... [#3?]

You've got to love a little surprise on a Monday. 

I had a little brew and blog time this morning. Having a little read of my newest subscription (and highly recommended), Kiki's blog (of Tikikiki / Dear Kiki) has put my bLoCk PaRtY - LeGo ObLoNg sWaRoVsKi CrYsTaL NeCkLaCe in her '10 little things that make me smile Tuesday' post.  I am most humbled. Her blog and work is seriously cool. Just the kind of person I aim to please. Yay!

Some Kiki love 
For my sister...  Word.  She's tattooed up and flying the rainbow flag, just like her.

For Catherine (colleague), I hurt myself playing Wii. Because it's a common complaint

For Kate (good friend)... Nerd is the new black.  Although Kate isn't a nerd, she does have some similar Velma glasses and a blas√© attitude :)
The weekend seems to pass too quickly, for me anyway. I want to (in order of preference): get KitschenSink stuff done (whether that be making jewellery, blogging, etc); see friends; see family; watch TV (whilst doing absolutely nothing else); afternoon nap; get chores done.
Have you had a nice Monday surprise today?

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Katie K said...

wow, i woke up this morning to this lovely post and your comment on my blog!! :) Thank you so much, you are so incredibly sweet!!! I love your jewelry and i love making friends through etsy and finding amazing talent!!