Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Wicked Wednesdays - Tattoos

So, a second part to my new structurified blog!

(Most) Wednesdays will be devoted to stuff I love.


I had one done when I was 18, for my birthday, paid for by friends. I went in wanting a creepy lizard, I came out with a butterfly. Half way through I fainted and was really rather pissed off that the man with the needle brought me round with some sort of chemical. This story should not be misunderstood - he did not decide to change the design while I was unconscious.

I want it extending but was never sure how to do it, considering I didn't want any more butterflies. Then I saw this beauty
You can see more photos from different angles on her myspace page. She also makes the cutest food themed crocheted items and sells online - Twinkie Chan. My favourite:

I think I want to be her a little bit. No I didn't send a link to my hairdresser to her myspace. I didn't!

Yeah I did. So I'm basically feeling a bit of a unicorn/rainbow/stars thing that incorporates my butterfly.

Have you got a tattoo? What have you got or what would you like?



cloudhopping said...

Love looking at other peoples tattoos - I had my 1st one when I was about 18 too, a black rose that has faded a lot to become a sort of very pale black rose (grey then!).

Had my 2nd tattoo 2 months ago, a much larger cherry blossom.

Think I have a bit of a flower thing going on!

dark angel said...

Her sleeve is unbelievaby cute!

I want to extend my butterfly on my back, I'm thinking of using stars and other butterflies to extend it down my back, round my side and finishing by my bellybutton. That might take a while to finish though!!!!

Angela xx