Thursday, 27 November 2008

So much time and so little to do! Strike that - reverse it! - #2!

Never was a truer word spoken than that of Mr Willy Wonka.

I feel like ~38% of my posts are me saying - I have been doing stuff but I have been soooo busy.

Well... how about this for a creative kick up the be-hind. Another shop has been in touch to request I sell my work there. Yay!! I have asked for their terms, so, as always, so as not to jinx I'll not be saying where until the goods are in place. I am VERY excited about it though.

I'm hoping to take photo's of my recent work at the weekend (when I see daylight) and get it listed!

I don't know about you, but I have only bought one Christmas present so far. Some people ask if I make gifts. I don't, I feel like it would be presumptuous to think a person would want to wear my work (very modest). I think when a person pays it's because they are aware of it's uniquity, perhaps the time spent on making it, and therefore my hard work is worthwhile. I won't give things away that won't be worn, it's a waste of my time, which I think is much worse than a waste of my money -so I buy gifts.

I sometimes make cards for birthdays but never for Christmas. People get a lot of cards for Christmas, and they generally end up recycled or in the bin. So I make cards to sell, but not to give away. Blimey, I'm an absolute capitalist aren't I!

How much of your Christmas (or any other festival you might celebrate - I celebrate Christmas THE END) have you got done? Will you make any gifts or cards?


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