Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Spectacular Christmas Craftacular!

This Sunday was the highlight of my crafting year, BUST Craftacular!

This year I offered some lucky dips for those who didn't want to spend much money but also didn;t want to miss out on Kitschen Sink goodness!

I had a half stall, which is more than fine! Selling small things means I can put out pretty much my whole range if I squish it together a bit!

My highlights were:

Meeting Rachel from Hannah Zakari - one of my supah cool stockists

Seeing several friends from home (that'd be Bradford) there!

Kandi from Knit and Destroy in her Christmas gear - red sparkly lady Gaga style knickers and a green jumper!

Quickly catching Leona from Thrift-ola who came to enjoy the day rather than take part for a change!

Beeza, who is the sister of Nick in Kate's band, all the way from Austin. Wish I could caught up with her for longer

Plus! Kitschen Sink has been featured in this awesome gallery on the Crafty Crafty website.

Awful journey home.  All trains out of London Kings Cross were cancelled from 6pm and the option of taking a train the next day wasn't offered. I didn't get home until 3.30am! The only good thing about this was hanging out with Helen from Memo for the journey.


Colourful Kitschy Funky Fun...

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