Sunday, 29 May 2011

Fringe update

I asked a while back: fringe or no fringe?
Here's my all-new, supah thick fringe.  I missed it bad.  Ben at Hob on Duncan St in Leeds sorted this out for me. I quite like having my hair cut by a fella. When they tell you you look great... it's kinda nice! Girls don't tend to do that. I actually said to him 'You know that puppet on the Diet Coke ad? That's what I want to like like'. He laughed.  Anyway I told him not to play it safe and he went for it and brushed a whole load of hair forward and chopped it.  I'm sat at the till in Indie Cindy here.

You may also notice I had a black lip stud and now it's silver again. This was due to 2x falling off incidents and I only had a silver one left in my possession. I may go back to the ring, it winds my Dad up when I tell him men go wild for it (because he doesn't like it).  There's a massive gap in the market for decent body jewellery. I want a blue stud but I think if I want one I have to get a size bigger = bigger hole in face when I decide to take it out :(



Marthaamay O_o said...

Fringe is a great look on you! Knock Texas dead! xx

Knit and Destroy said...

Eh up,

I use these studs, i'm pretty sure they're thinner than the metal one I used to have...and there's loads of choice!!! Here's a blue one for you.

p.s. ACE FRINGE!!!