Friday, 18 February 2011

Little (non-food) treats for being a good girl

We all need a little treat from time to time, right? A reward for getting something done, or when you realised you've had no 'me' time at all...

I love a treat, but it's always been chocolate, or cake, or pizza.... I am an absolute comfort eater in every sense. But this has to change if I want to look ker-ching in Austin in June!!

I am compiling a list of non-food treats and would love you to tell me more! They have to be fairly cheap and accessible and able to use straight away/there and then.  Here goes:

a new lipstick
 I want to try this sooo bad
a magazine
time to doodle
a new nail polish
DIY manicure
a (professional) eyelash tint
an extra exercise class
time to write a snail mail letter
inviting the girls round for brews and biscuits in fancy china
 I need a collection of really cute cups to drink out of! And this may be the first...

Any other suggestions? I'd love to know your thoughts...



Abi at SewYou said...

What about a sauna, or just a plain old long hot bath containing something ace from SpaceNK! yea!

out of the frame said...

a new book to read...

Anonymous said...


I love your blog :-) and have added you to my stylish blogger award list :-) I am sure you get this all the time as you have such a fab blog!

Thank you for inspiring me :-)

Amy xxx

Anonymous said...

bunch of flowers... xxx

Marthaamay O_o said...

Yepppp! That green is yummy!