Thursday, 21 October 2010

My new addiction: The Only Way is Essex

So it's not secret that I love to watch trashy telly as I make my sellables.  Anything with an advert break will do (I use that time to get more supplies from the other room, etc).

My latest love is The Only Way is Essex. I heard people talking about it on my Facebook newsfeed and was intrigued... and hooked in the first five minutes.

Although, personally, I'm not a fan of fake tan, fake hair or fake boobs (got them all already, darling... except the tan...), it's entertaining watching the lives of people who value those things highly in their lives.

My favourite female character is Amy. She's got the vague, ditsy, sweetness about her that's stereotypically 'beautician'.

My favourite male character is Mark. Tan and muscles is the opposite to my usual 'type' but I just can't resist this boy's cheeky charm. He's a right twat to his ex, though.

I did think about whether one of the 'characters' might want to wear some of my jewellery, but, I reckon they are more down with their Pandora or Vivienne orbs than their KitschenSink!

What trash do you enjoy? I'd love some recommends!



noodleBubble said...

I work my way through Box Sets whilst making...

...tend to be things I've missed on teevee...
Survivors...Tenko...Upstairs Downstairs...all from the seventies and FAB.

More modern - Sex in the city...West Wing...

Am SO out of touch with modern telly will no doubt be watching this as a box set in 20 years time...Crikey when I'll be nearly 60- off for a lie down...

Littleclouds said...

you had a boob job?!
That show looks WELL good, need to try to download that heh.

You should send a piece to them, something bold and red.