Wednesday, 7 July 2010

I heart: Journalers

I wish I was a better doodler and once I went to Muji and bought a notebook to make awesome journal doodles and notes but I drew something and it looked shit so I never bothered again! But I do like to look at other awesome journalers (did I make up that word? I don't know...) check out their Flickrs!

Big favourite - Anna Denise
I have been stalking following Anna's work on Flickr for a while. It's bloody awesome.

Too too cute - Kitty Pink Stars

...who is showcasing a 30 Journal Challenge. Her work reminds me of the covers of Jacqueline Wilson books (which is pretty cool)

...makes me want to get the felt tips out! Wy did teachers tell us at school 'no felt tips'? What a stupid rule.
Happy journaling!


1 comment:

Iona Bruce said...

i love them too :)
i helped put on a sketchbook exhibition back in april and this was one of my favourites...