Saturday, 9 January 2010

Facing facts, Feedback and Fan photos

I was supposed to be buying a sewing machine with my Christmas money.  Unfortunately, the lovelies at Yorkshire Water sent me a bill, reckoning that I use £250 of water a quarter. That’s right, I live on my own.  I barely have any baths. I’m quite frugal with my washing.  What’s that about?! So, I daren’t spend my Christmas pennies, or have any fun for that matter, until it’s sorted. Idiots!!

Deep breaths. OK, let's move on.

Dear buyers of products from independent designers/makers,

Your feedback is important to us.  We spend lots of time and effort designing and making things that are special, photographing them, carefully choosing words to describe them to you. Then when you buy, many of us carefully box-up, perhaps add a little gift, perhaps make an envelope.  It would be great if you could give us a bit more feedback that just how quickly we send it out to you. It ain’t eBay. 

Thank you.

When I sell at markets, you get the feedback straight away in the excitement of the buyer.  It’s a magical moment!

Some buyers, especially when buying handmade, may be worried that the good will be shite.  So… come on people. Leave us some descriptive feedback on how much you enjoyed the experience of shopping with us so others can buy in confidence!!

First place for great feedback goes to Samantha.  I can’t tell you what Samantha bought, it’s a secret as it’s a gift. But she bought one for herself and one for a friend, and they are form my more ‘premium’ range.  As the sale was made outside of Folksy, she’s left some feedback on the Facebook wall, including photos!! Way to go, you are my current favourite customer!

What a wonderful start to my day today! My lovely Kitschensink parcel arrived!! I have never received anything in the post as amazingly cool ever before! Thankyou Rowan!!!!!

I’d love you to add your fan photos to the Facebook page too. To do this, just go to the wall, under the box to write on the wall there’s a photo icon. Upload your photo and add a comment. Easy!



Heather Leavers said...

bad luck on the bill - and amen to your plea for feedback. come on people, you know you love our stuff ;-)

SpoiltPig Jewellery said...

great entry! Encouraging and informative whilst remaining colourful and cheerfully witty.
Wonderful start to my day :)

(get it?)