Thursday, 6 August 2009

A lovely surprise

As you may well know, I have been accepted to sell/exhibit at Saltaire Makers' Fair this year, as part of Saltaire Arts Trail/Saltaire Inspired. I am soooo excited about it!  I have been waiting for my artists page on the website to be constructed, watch this space, I'll link to it when it's ready!

Here's what I came home to in the post after a shitty day:

Lovely, lovely comps slip
The programme...
Inside the programme...
Gasp... they used a photo of my locket...!
Saltaire Arts Trail runs from the 12th to 20th September and features Open Houses (go for a nosey!) , exhibitions, vintage fairs, workshops and all sorts of other things. The Makers' Fair takes place on 12/13th September in Victoria Hall.
It's a fantastic weekend/day out, so do try come along and say hi!


Mod and Mint said...

Sounds exciting! Wish i was closer, i would def stop by!

myfuroshiki said...

So exciting - I'm going to be there too but haven't received my letter yet so it's great to see yours! Those are my orange and pink furoshiki you can just see on the right hand side of the 4th photo :)