Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Thank God

That's right. What did you thank him for today? Check out how many people are thanking God on ThankGod's Twitter page. I felt a little emotional after reading some entries. Kinda like a modern day way to listen to people's prayers.

Today I thanked God for telling my work to upgrade to Office 2007. It's brightened up my working life (I'm pretty sure we were using Office 97, the grey and blue one).

What did you thank God for today?



Pippa said...

What a lovely post! Are you a Christian?

I thanked God for my husband (he was making me porridge and tea at the time).

Unknown said...

Thanks :o)

I am Christian to the extent that: I believe in God, I believe Jesus existed, I celebrate Christmas and Easter, I do lent (and tend to read parts of the bible during this time), if I get married I want it to be in church, if I have kids I would want them to be Christened and would hope to take them to Sunday School.

I just don't actually go to church anymore :-/

Not alot of people know this!