Tuesday, 14 October 2008

This weather is wack


I am a BIG fan of autumn/winter fashion for various reasons - some of which are: I enjoy tweed and tartan and other heavy fabrics; I am of the pale skin variety which is allowed in these months (you look like a tit with orange skin in any season to be fair, and fake tan never looks right on me); I don't have a boyfriend and therefore do not shave my legs unless it's a special occasion so trousers and tights get the A+.

But this weather Iis HORRIBLE. I have a crack in the sole of my boot and my foot is getting wet, I need some new ones but haven't found THE pair yet. So wet foot for a few days.

Check out the dreadful scene from the penthouse today (anyone want to run away to a sunny country with me?):

I expect to make LOTS over the next few days with cups of tea and perhaps I'll buy some cupcakes. What do you do to cheer up in the miserable weather?
Hearts xoxox


Pippa said...

In miserable weather, I make cupcakes! I like autumn/winter for similar reasons. I don't look so pasty because everyone looks pasty (and I agree with you about the orange look!). I'm married and I only shave my legs for special occasions! Too much info?

Anonymous said...

In the poor weather i enjoy eating, eating lots and lots soup, stew, chilli. yummy. i love big baggy jumpers to cover up my sins too. i'll hop it to a warm country with you anytime!!