Sunday, 11 April 2010

Sources of inspiration

I have been spending such a lot of time making the vintage comic bubble hearts that there's been little time to design anything.  Some days I get hit with an idea(s) but at the minute, it's more that I know how I want to make something.... but not really what it looks like. Not used to this way of working.

So I went through my old ideas book from when I did a course in jewellery making.  This is what I found...

A favourite: colourful, kitschy, funky and fun, wouldn't you say?

A girly page: sparkle, glitter, florals, pretty

A bit burlesque: sexy, pouty, decadent, delicious

Lustre: radiant, crisp, glossy, lavish

Glamour: retro, hues, curvacious

I spent some time collecting images to brainstorm more, but, I am soooo not impressed by what's in magazines right now! Taupes, greys, black (it's spring?!)... 'sorbet' colours... where's the colour? Where's the fun?

I'd love to know what you're loving right now?


1 comment:

chrissy said...

hah! those pages could soooo have been torn out of one of my sketchbooks over the years :D

I'm currently uninspired for any new directions but I HAVE found a new enthusiasm for the style I started out in, which is a good thing I think.