Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Preparing for festival chic

Now, you'll find this really difficult to believe, but, even though I am really cool I have never been to a proper sleepover festival before. The closest I have got in my 27 years of festival-less existance is B-Fest (or Bingley Music Live, as it's formally called).

So even though the line-up isn't as cracking as it's been in the past, Natalie and I have tickets to Leeds Festival this year. I am very excited about seeing the Cribs because I was poorly last time!

Here's some festival glamour lusts:

Nautical and kaftan? What a combination!

Pretty feathers :)

Woodchip Boutique Bow Satchel - Woodchip Boutique (available at Manchester Fashion Market, Tib St)
Will be buying one of these, eye them up every time I go to Manchester!

So I best get saving! If anyone has any toilet tips I'd love to know (She Wee?)


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