Saturday, 10 April 2010

London... again

As soon as I heard about the Lady Luck Rules OK Trade Secrets seminar, I knew I had to go.  I have been spending a lot of time getting to know business ropes but all the sources are so generic. Craft business books are always so USA-centric. This seemed perfect.

I know a few folks wanted me to tell them what I learned there. Sorry, no can do. So please don't ask me any questions as I'd hate to seem ignorant, but they shall go ignored... Leona spent seven years building up a business and if anyone should make anything from it, it's her. So if you want to know anything, there's still a couple of dates left! Book a ticket :)

What I will say is that Leona is lovely, clearly very intelligent. enterprising and can spot gaps in the market and has fun realising her ambitions.  It was really inspiring and definitely well worth me travelling down for the night from Leeds!

I stopped with Samantha and it was great to catch up! We stayed up late talking all things creative and she cooked me some delicious vegetarian faire that was so good I went straight to the supermarket when I got home to stock up on Quorn and Linda McCartney related products. And sweet potatoes. Yum! I also took the tube on my own for the first time too! Just two stops mind, because Marco drove me to the station! But I feel like I have come of age or something... haha!


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drummbellina said...

I'm very jealous! I would love to have gone but no funds :( Plus I'm a travel-alone-on-the-train-and-tube virgin too, those squiggly tube maps and big stations are way too complicated for me lol. I've been a fan of LLROK for a few years now, it must be amazing to have inside secrets from Leona!