Sunday, 11 April 2010

KitschenSink clearout! Everything must go!

I'll tell you a couple of secrets. Come closer. Boys must not know this information (if you're a boy... leave now).  The truth of girls and boys is that girls want boys to be able to put up shelves, and boys want girls to be clean and tidy and all wifey.

I am very untidy. It's worse since KS got busy and I work full-time too.  Anyway. When the photographer from the T&A came around he was like 'can I take a photo of you where you work?'.  I was like


All other areas of The Penthouse were spic n span... I should have seen this coming. So I am now in the process of mega KitschenSink studio clear-out!

First on the agenda is to get rid of the bulky telly of my ex's.  The daft twat owes me £2100 and is refusing to pay up. Taking this to the tip will feel good!

Second is a couple of computer monitors that have gone on Freecycle. One is being collected tomorrow :)

Third... and a little more exciting... destash!

My second secret... I have made the first baby-step towards selling supplies! Thread Candy is now open on Folksy and for now will just feature KitschenSink destash. Snap up some bargains!

The first listed are some Vintage Comic Sack o' ScrapSwag

A destash of vintage (probably one-off) comic scraps for all kinds of projects: scrap booking; card making; magnets; jewellery; collage.

Keep your eyes peeled for more destash delights!


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