Friday, 23 April 2010

Kate P wins Y Factor 2010!

You all know how Kate P is now right? If you don't already she's my creative friend, the one who I am featured with on page 88 of Company's Annual Model-free Issue (May 2010).

Kate's always sang really well (I met her in school choir / Glee club) but never had the confidence to sing solo until very recently (crazy shit). So she entered a local competition, The Y Factor (Y is for Yorkshire...) for some experience. Here's some videos of the final, she blew us away!

Kate Priestley sings El Cuarto de Tula and plays guitar (Spanish! No end to talent)

Van Morrison's Moondance

It got a bit tense... Baildon is well known for being cliquey and we did worry that she would be discounted on the grounds she is from a different area of Bradford but fortunately sense prevailed and she won!!

Here's her final performance after finding out she won... there's a little crafting mention at the beginning too! Love it, go on Lynne P.

I keep watching it because I couldn't see on the night. Enjoy, she's the next big thing :)


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Marthaamay O_o said...

Awww well done to her! She is amazing!