Saturday, 3 April 2010

A little mention in a random place

I just noticed a little mention of my 'Story of Wild Jezebel' necklace on the 'Blingdom of God' blog.

It's "a site dedicated to the fusion of faith and fashion--not just in Christianity, but all forms of religion and metaphysical belief. We'll explore the link between adornment and religion in the human mind, the evolution of religious jewelry throughout history, legal issues, where to buy stuff and, of course, CELEBRITIES!"

The blog post says:

"Whatever happens in this story, I can't imagine that it ends like the original:

When Jehu arrives in Jezreel, where Ahab has a royal residence, Jezebel prepares to greet him. She “paints her eyes with kohl and dresses her hair” and appears at an upper window, apparently hoping to seduce Jehu (2 Kings 9:30). Instead, Jezebel is thrown down from the window. “Her blood splattered on the wall and on the horses, and they trampled on her” (2 Kings 9:33)."

I wouldn't be so sure... those stories in the 50s love comics are pretty sinister!

Either way... I just hope the necklace design was liked!

Love finding KitschenSink in random places.... let me know if you spot some anywhere!


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