Monday, 5 April 2010

A few mentions and the Easter break

My iPhone has been going crazy with emails over the past few days.  I like the convenience of having them delivered straight to me, anywhere, but then again... I hate my mobile phone going off all the time and that's why it's constantly on silent, and the added emails to texts and phone calls makes me feel even more harassed popular.

Anyway... some of the emails were lovely! I had a couple of mentions on some Folksy Friday blog posts, one of which was Wizard of Oz themed on 'It's the little things' (I have a avery similar post scheduled for Wednesday!), and one was a pink and green selection over on Dizzy Izzy. Thanks :)

I got a heads up from my pal Amanda that I am featured on Hannah Zakari's front page which is pretty cool. Here's a visual as it won't be there forever...

Have you had a lovely Easter break? I finished at 12.30 on Thursday and immediately met my friend Hannah who showed me the delights of Tampopo and East Asian cuisine. It was lovely, even Hannah's hairy bananas.

I came to a realisation on Thursday that I get too easily distracted by Facebook. The Penthouse is in a bit of a state, and I made a decision that if I'm not actively promoting KitschenSink there... I must stop myself and do chores. It's getting there... except I ran out of bleach on Friday. I just bought more :)

So on Friday I also cleaned, tidied, cleaned and then went for lunch with more friends. Now, look at these silly chips.

They aren't chips, to be fair. That's a large potato trimmed at right angles.

Saturday/Sunday was spent in Manchester on a hen do. What happens in Manchester stays in Manchester, although I will say that I seemed to have formed a generic appeal - I pulled a 15 year old, a 50 year old and a bisexual married man in one day.  No ta.

Today I visited more friends. It's a sociable time. Anyway, I must go tidy and clean more. I am finding it fairly theraputic.

Back soon with more exciting news!


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