Sunday, 15 February 2009

Twit-twoo - I ♥ my Twitter followers!

Over on Ismoyo's Playground blog I noticed this cool way of showing of your Twitter followers!

If you want to follow me a bit more closely than on the blog then Twitter is the place to be. Some call it 'micro-blogging'. I'm in such a mood today. I think it would be wrong to air my dirty laundry on here. This big text box begs for me to pour my heart out in intricate detail, which is wrong. I only have a few characters' allowence in Twitter, so I tend to put a little this and that in there... and vent to my content.

So here's to you, Twitter followers. Today I say thank you for listening to my whinges, and in many cases, replying with kind words.

I had a nice weekend but it's all tainted with ill feeling, and IMO, it's unecessary.
I hope your weekend was abso-fabulosi

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