Friday, 6 February 2009

Folksy Finds Friday - LittleClouds

I love Littleclouds' style. I wish I had longer to write this but I am about to go to the pub...

I have been following Littleclouds' blog for some time. I love how she captures real life in such a fun way! Check out Sammy the Fairy and some other bits on her Etsy too.

Picnic greeting card - brings back so many memories!

Rock star cut out boyfriend - wonfer if this comes in life-size too???

Butterflies of Love greeting card - so genuinely lovely

I hope you enjoy.. and have a super weekend!


1 comment:

Gledwood said...

o wow! a fellow Brit at last!!

I came here from afar... far across the bloggiverse! having hopped out of a friend's into friends of friends' blogs and now seemingly 3058347122248 blogs away I'm lost and now I've found you! And aye!~ you're in Yorkshire. Have you been ont moors lately??