Thursday, 5 February 2009

Annual Leave Show & Tell

I have today, tomorrow and Monday off work. I was supposed to be on a business course today, as I want to take this whole thing a bit more seriously and learn/discover other ways forward, but the snow is bad! So I spent today under my fleecey (?) blanket, doing a little jewellery, a little twittering, spoke to my cousin for a bit on Facebook chat, and photographed some bits and bobs I did over the past week or so.

Here's some pendants made from vinatge comics I picked up from Huddersfield. I hope to make a whole range because I think they are quite effective, what do you think? For now, these won't be available online, as I am preparing for a stall at the end of February.

And here's a few things that need more work, but I'd still like to know you thoughts on the overall design. The ink bled a little when I varnished them but I have been told how to rectify that. I don't know what's wrong with my memory - I have made this kind of thig before with fab results... not this time :(

Don't forget Folksy Friday tomorrow!


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