Tuesday, 10 February 2009

♥ girly crush ♥

Wow - Cutesy girly jewellery maker, Twinklyspangle, has written the sweetest blog entry about me! Read it at once, and check her her shops - in GB pounds on Folksy, and dollars on Etsy, she also maintains an interesting Flickr account and Tweets regularly so I suggest you give her a follow. I especially like the Tattoo Earrings, but you know how I'm a sucker for kitsch and, well... err, tattoos.

So it got me thinking. I'm like, 101% heterosexual, but am a frequent user of the phrase 'she could turn me'. Whether these girls actually could, in real life, is another question. I'd probably bottle to be fair. But i might give em a kiss...

Christina Aguilera (blonde hair days only)

Gwen Stefani

And more recently - Lady Ga Ga

I think it's how they dress up in all their videos/shoots. It looks like alot of fun. Aspirational. For me, anyway! Also, none of them are Boho. Say no to Boho!! We like it bold, brash and a bit bling!

Who do you aspire to (or secretly fancy for that reason!)



Erin said...

1) those earrings are flipping awesome
2) I want to be a Spice Girl. Can't help it. Camp. pop. tacky.

Julia said...

Rowan the Twinklyspangle girl could be you! What with all the talk of stalking.....are you moonlighting????