Thursday, 19 February 2009

♥ One hundred hearts ♥

I just had a little look at my hearts on Etsy it it turned out I had exactly 100! I'm very pleased, since I rarely use the 'heart me and I'll heart you' tactic (I say 'rarely', I think I did it like, once on Twitter). So it's nice to know out of those 100 they must all like my products.


In other news, I had hoped to get photographing my work on weekdays again as it's lighter. Unfortunately, day job has been so busy I am still getting home when it's too dark. Hopefully I will get it done soon, if not, the weekend.

I have a stall coming up soon - this Wednesday at University of Leeds in Parkinson Court. Should be a busy one, fingers crossed! Lots to do in advance of then!


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