Saturday, 21 February 2009

My new gift boxing service & more pink Swarovski Lego madness

So I love how hand made items are often displayed beautifully at fairs, shows and in shops... their products look like gifts, and felt mine was lacking that a little.

I've made these boxes from vintage comic books and annual editions. They look terrific. But a few things bothered me a little. 1) The time making these and money for materials will bump the prices up, leading to 2) if a customer is buying for themself, would they prefer to have the product cheaper without extra packing, and 3) the thicker size means postage has to upgrade from 'large letter' to 'packet'.

I have added the boxes as optional, so if you want one, you can have one, at extra cost.
How's that? I'd LOVE to know your thoughts on this. They are on both Folksy(£) and Etsy($).

I have had a commission for a Swarovski on a Pink Glittery Lego Ring already - here's what it looks like...

And here's another listing in my current pink Lego fixation. It has a Swarovski as standard on the bottom nobble and is strung on a silver-plated string... ch'mon! Available at both Folksy(£) and Etsy($).

So, yeah. I'd love to know what you think of my 'boxes being extra' idea? And folks, even without a Blogger account you can leave a comment, as 'anonymous' (it might be an idea to state somewhere in the comment who you are, although you don't have to!)


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Purple Sparkle said...

I think putting the gift box as an extra is a good idea, gives people the option! However I think those gift boxes are so fab that you should sell them on their own too!