Sunday, 1 February 2009

January Round-up

I'm not going to spout any cr*p about how it's the start of the New Year and what not. I will say however, that I was worried that sales would halt with the economy the way it is... but I haven't done too bad for myself. Here's my Jan in a nutshell:

Super social events:
1. New Year's Eve - Has to be mentioned though, doesn't it. Too much red bull... too much vodka... not enough sleep... nuf said.
2. Nats' birthday - karaoke fun!
3. Jo's birthday - gorgeous tapas... shame about the men
4. Amanda's birthday - a house party, with Jemma's home made Baileys cheesecake (fit as)
5. Snow White - at Idle and Thackley Little Theatre - sexual innuendo galore but much fun.

Movies I watched:
1. Napoleon Dynamite
2. Blades of Glory
3. 40 Days and 40 Nights
4. The 40 Year old Virgin

Book I read:
1. The Toy Boy Diaries - don't bother. No it's OK I suppose. I rarely read books. I'm more of a magazine girl.

Embarrassing moment: Doing all manner of private things in the karaoke booth to find it is televised in the main bar
Interesting fashion moment: Kate's fur coat
Most frustrating thing: Dark nights, I have to wait until the weekend to photograph my jewellery
Most used phrase: Mind bottling

I also integrated a 3pm sing-slot at work. I sing whatever I am doing to my colleague. It's pretty bad, but cheers us up during the afternoon slump.

I feel like there's not a lot here, but we are suffering from spending all our money on Christmas fun times, not there hasn't been anything like as much social activity.

The month ahead looks forward to a Business Link course, going to see The Cribs, Valentines Day (which means take out & some sort of sloppy movie with my girl pal), a stall at a Fair Trade Fair, a girls' pamper night in, and going to the movies to see 'He's just not that into you', it's much needed, believe me.

What are your plans for February (anything couple-y, keep to yourself!)


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