Sunday, 22 February 2009

KitschenSink Tip for Craftrepreneurs and a quick announcement...

I have been deliberating over my prices for a while. It's hard to come up with an equation that takes everything into account, so formerly I have been totting up my materials in my head, then just sort of thinking 'well if I double it, then it'll be this... so.. yeah', which isn't really good enough.

I was having a gander in the Folksy Forums one day and Chris Parry, awesome bespoke jewellery designer, mentioned he had a spreadsheet in his blog available for download. If you are a crafter who sells their work I strongly advise you give this a go. It's an eye opener.

So my prices maybe changing in the next few weeks. I know I still have to bare in mind there is a credit crunch, I just hope shoppers can bare in mind that items from Primark are so cheap because they were made by children in India whose fingers possibly bled during the process. That and God knows how many million other people are wearing exactly the same thing.

I am mad with myself today because I spent a lot of time getting some pendants ready, to find today that the chains won't fit through the bails... brilliant, considering I have a stall to sell at on Wednesday!

I'd love to know what f*ck ups you have made whilst crafting!



vintage girl said...

Love your blog Kitschensink! Love all your stuff, actually, especially your glorious pictures...
Just out of interest, dear heart, how do you add a "add a comment" function? I can see you're on Blogger, and so am I, but I can't work out how to do it. Any clues?
Ps I just started a blog too, you can find it here:

Marion/Vintage Townx

vintage girl said...

Hi there kitschen sink
Love your blog. love all your stuff in fact, especially your pictures!
Just out of interest, dear heart, how did you add the "add a comment" function? I've been trying to do just that on my blog for days but can't find it.
Here's me anyway
Just off back to your blog to continue reading...
Vintage girlx