Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Taking over the world; Step #8 - get into a rather awesome department store in London

I have had my eye on Supermarket Sarah for a while. I can't remember how I came across her/it... but I loved the idea and sent her an email to say that if she was ever interested in stocking my stuff... I'd be a happy girly.

Well, you do send these things and not hear anything... but these busy folks just don't have time to reply to all speculative emails. Anyway, this was, like, ages ago.  So imagine my surprise when I got a little email from one of the girls saying she'd like to stock some of my items in

Supermarket Sarah's concession in Selfridges Concept Store

...within the Wonder room on the ground floor, Oxford St London, 7-28th April.

Yikes! A bit more about Supermarket Sarah: "Sarah decided to leave the corporate world behind her and has set up shop in her own home. Her home, round the corner from Portobello Market where she has a stall, is now overflowing with treasures and delights and she welcomes visitors with tea and cakes"She also runs pop-up shops in random cool places. It's a neat idea. Clever girl! Oh and it's Damon Albarn-approved :)

So excited to be part of it! Wish I could see but my text trip to London is a flying visit to Lady Luck Rules OK's Trade Secrets Seminar. It had to be done... and I leave too early the next day to get to Oxford Street and have a looksee. However. My many London pals have offered to have a gander and a photo-snap for me :)

London's where it's at, no doubt



Littleclouds said...

omg ! that is awesome! Many happy dances must of went on over this I'm sure, well done you! :D

Marthaamay said...

:) I see you also got an etsy!

Tizzalicious said...

That IS exciting news! :D Wiiiiooooh! :D

Pippa said...

Wowee! That's brilliant!

(And I think you should go for it with Etsy - you could always charge a bit more for the inconvenience of converting to dollars and thus reward Folksy customers?)