Friday, 19 March 2010

A good day

Most days are good days. This was slightly better than the rest... what can I say, I am easily pleased.

I was a bit stressed, KitschenSink wise, because I ordered some chain from an Etsy supply store, and to be frank it was whack. Too light.  I made the decision to go to a proper bead shop, even though expensive, in the long run I can see the quality upfront.  Anyway. I mooched in the bead shop for a while and then made my whopping purchase. And then...

Thats right. At the other side of the arcade was Joseph Gilgun and he was everything I ever imagined. And he looked at me. Our eyes met. And he walked away saying 'Yeah, alright mate, cheers. See you soon' to the owner of Hip.  And I shook.

And then I went home and packed my order for my brand spanking new stockist of five! Phew!


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Marthaamay said...

Haaaa, I have no idea who that is but woop!! :) x