Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Great post :-)

My post is deposited in a box outside my block, and I do enjoy collecting it after a day at work. I feel like I live in Ramsey Street. As it happens I do have good neighbours. One of the boys in my block held the door for me today even though he was tackling a large ASDA delivery. Sweet.

Anyway today's post had aceness all over it. I forgot I won this via The Leeds Guide on Twitter! Fab. It means I can treat a pal who needs to be perked :-)

I kinda won something else via Twitter too... but I'm not ready to give that away yet. I promise I will mid-April! I can't believe I have kept it a secret this long...

Also, the gold bails I have been waiting for arrived in the post today... that means I can get on with making a piece for an up-and-coming starlet! She's going to be big this year... and she wants to wear KitschenSink! Awesome. More on that to come.


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twinklyspangle said...

You are being extremely secretive recently! I want to know the gossip!