Monday, 15 March 2010

London, London

I said it twice because I went twice. Twice in a week. Tis true. I didn't go either time for KitschenSink purposes, as such. But on both occasions positive KitschenSink-related happenings occured. One of these is the mid-April thing I'll reveal, the other is another stockist. A cool one (well, they're all cool to be fair).

Right now I am preparing for a tea-party craft-off. I have invited Team Tea and Biscuits around to help me make gift boxes for the massive amount of orders I am getting ready for stockists, and in return I am feeding them pizza, crisps, dips, Indian snacks... that sorta thing. Has to be done, I'll get RSI if I have to do it all myself! Eek!

I'm thinking I'll give them one slice of pizza for three boxes made... fair?


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