Sunday, 8 March 2009

Time management

I'm pretty good at it, except for when unexpected things occur like people turning up without notice and staying for a couple of hours, or the toaster spontaneously combusting (no danger took place).

So this weekend I haven't stopped. Stopped = jewellery making.

I'm not complaining proper, like. My time has mainly been filled with cocktails (raspberry mojitos), vodka, dancing, friends and kissing a boy.

Think my Mum might be mad because I don't see her so often these days. I try, but it's hard squishing everything in, especially when she mainly wants to make an impromptu appearance!

I have just added another layer of resin to some pendants I am making, and hoping they look good when done as it's taken a few days to make them. Fingers crossed.

This week I hope to buy a pale blue toaster and perhaps a matching kettle. Yay.



jo said...

Sounds like a good wekend!!

twinklyspangle said...

I can never find time to do anything. I'm thinking of trying The Slip Method to organize my time but it seems complex. I need a PA.

KitschenSink said...

I have never heard of the Slip Method before... I will google at once!

Julia said...

hmm...a boy you say....well I hope I get filled in soon!! im going to have a go at a super hero, sounds fun! xx