Saturday, 28 March 2009

Taking over the world; Step #1

I've been having a little think about my long term goals ahead of the Leeds Enterprise Show tomorrow.  Cos like... I don't want to show up saying 'Yeah, so. I wanna make nice stuff and sell it'.  To be honest, I probably will say something to that effect.  But I thought it was high time I made some goals for the year and write down some steps to achieving those.

I won't say all my goals here. Mainly because I may wish to change them here and there. And if I don't acheive them I don't want to make myself look like a tit.

What I will tell you about, is each stage to acheiving my goals, and I'll do them one by one.

#1: Get lots of gift boxes, paper bags and envelopes ready (these are all made by hand using recycled magazines, comics and mailouts)

Gift boxes, check
I have turned a whole Beano annual into paper boxes. There's 44 here.  I will probably make another Victor annual into boxes then start on envelopes and bags.  It's kinda boring, but I can do it in front of the TV and when I hang out at friends.
What's the most boring job you have ever done?


Tizzalicious said...

Those boxes are fantastic!

Littleclouds said...

I agree, those boxes do look ace! Do you make them purely from paper or do you use the paper to cover an existing box? I've seen these punches you can buy that allow you to punch/cut the shape of a box laid out so that you can put it together but they are tiny :(

Also browsing randomly here I saw a small shop dedicated to logo & the like, I thought of you, isn't that funny? They didn't have anything particularly special though, just bog standard stuff.

Holly said...

Those are so fun! Good luck!

Kitschy Coo said...

Love the boxes! The most boring part of my work just now is tracing patterns by hand. Blah...

KitschenSink said...

Thank you!

Little clouds, the boxes are made purely from paper, there is a lovely tutorial here
Depending on the size of the paper you have, the box can be any size you like... I use an A4 sheet and cut in in half, one half makes a top and the other a bottom, I just take about a half centimeter off one side to make it fit.

Littleclouds said...

ahh thanks for the link to Etsy tute (I should really pay more attention to that site!) but I want more rectangular boxes. I tried to google tutorials but couldn't only find square.

oh well !

looking forward to reading your next step!

ps: Let me know if there is any particular lego piece you've bee trying to find & next time I'm near that shop I can look for you :)

ismoyo said...

Taking over the world! hihi. You go girl!
And making those boxes maybe repetitive and thus boring, the way they look is not boring at all! They look great!

Pippa said...

By the way, this post REALLY made me laugh. "And if I don't achieve them I don't want" Preparing myself for something serious and perhaps profound) "to make myself look like a tit". It even made me laugh out loud when I typed it!

jonny said...

The most boring job I've ever done was also making boxes. Mine were great big brown things and I hated it. Yours are fun