Friday, 20 March 2009

Folksy Finds Friday - Zedhead Ltd

I am in LOVE with Zedhead Ltd's wares. My flat is full of colour and could do with more, and I feel it being added in the way of these creations and designs by Zoe Thompson.

Graffifi Print LampshadeGiddy up Horsey - Cream cushion

And... to indulge my handbag obsession - Graffiti Print Cluth Purse
Hope you like. I love!



Chrissy said...

Amazing finds, I think we have very similar tastes! - you might like these textiles:

She's awesome - nice tote bags but I was totally won over by the hidden beasties cushions and have just noticed there's a purse now too!...if only I were richer :(

Purple Sparkle said...

Wow - these are fab!!